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Haiku in English


                                      ... Rückblick 2011



help my mother
to have a bath
(Mainichi - 12-2011)

train journey ...
immersing into the smell
of borrowed books
(Frogpond - Fall, 2011)

Ancient names
vanished in the flood --
autumn eve

Leafy way
a straying dog barks
at the moon

(Asahi - 11-2011)

open air concert ...
one of the violas carries
different socks
(Mainichi - 11-2011)

short castling - -
above the floodplains
rising moon
(Asahi - 09-2011)

old signalbox --
the cat lurks
in the tall summer grass 
(Mainichi - 09-2011) 

Allotments --
the fireworks
(Asahi - 08-2011)

nightly sultriness ...
flashing out of the mirror
father's smile

light in the teahouse –
we stay a little longer
on the arched bridge

Haiku Solidarity Book by Laura Vaceanu) 
Morning bells –
we plant a ginkgo
for world peace
(Kamesan's World Haiku Anthology)

nightmare –
beyond the fog
a white rainbow

in the kitchen sink
between cups and plates
a plethora of rainbows

(Sketchbook - 06-2011)

leave for good –
her smile and hairstyle
are perfect-
(Karol Rosiaks Café-Haiku)

Fly fishing
on the horizon
a rainbow -
(Asahi - 06-2011)

morning chill
the archer
streches the silence
(Mainichi - 06-2011)

bright winter night
my head
made of glass
(The Heron's Nest - 06-2011)
rushhour ...
over a high-rise block
the moon

night watch
behind vertical blinds
the city lights

the old angler chances
his mind

(Notes from the Gean - 06-2011)

evening bells ... 
wind ruffels up the plumage 
of the dipper 
(DailyHaiga - 05-2011)

prom ...
the susurration
of taffeta
(Haigaonline - 06-2011)

Steady rain
breathing the colors
of midnight
(Asahi - 06-2011)

midday heat
I garnish the fruit salad
with spearmint
(Sketchbook - 05-2011)

You and i
under an apple tree

By the fjord
I enter the bridge
to the moon

(Asahi - 05-2011)

anamnesis –

in front of the window
apple blossoms

under sherry blossoms
the first steps
of my grandchild

(Sketchbook - 04-2011)

moonlit rose
the cry of an owl
mars my dream

passing through
above my hostel
the winter sky

(DailyHaiga - 04-2011) 

a snail
rushes by 
(Asahi - 04-2011)

spring moon
immersing into the light
of lost names
(Mainichi Haiku - Tsunami Special)

Aftershocks -
I'm trying to fold
paper cranes
(Asahi - 03-2011)

spring wind
flitting across the river
moon ripples
(Haiku Pix Review #2, Spring 2011)

a fleeting encounter
where the path forks
... plum blossom scent
(WHA - 03-2011)

waiting ...
at the edge of the precipice
bougainvillea blossoms
(Caribbian Kigo Kukai - 03-2011)

Holly berries –
in my coat pocket
a forgotten stone
(Notes from the Gean - 03-2011)

icy east wind –
the train attendent heats up
the samovar
(Sketchbook - 02-2011)

wax-pale moon —
waiting at the terminal station
a forgotten umbrella

autumn sonata —
the sea breathing
a subdued bass

(WHA - World Haiku No. 7)

the voice behind me
dies away
(LYNX - XXVI 02-2011 - Haiga)
hoarfrost trickles
from the pine
(WHA - 01-2011 - Haiga)

Bed rest
by books
Asahi - 01-2011)

Christmas moon
the black frost
(Asahi - 01-2011)


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