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Haiku in English


                                      ... Rückblick 2010


Church service
the pale colors
of frescoes

e-mail attachment
I open the smile
of my grandchild

divorce papers - -
the first hoarfrost
on rose hips
(Notes from the Gean)

All Souls’ Day …
Grandam searches for a name
in the alphabet soup
(Notes from the Gean)

waxing moon
she sews the sky
of the cradle
(Notes from the Gean)

After the concert...
strong autumn wind
the high tide

Autumn is coming
Only the wind plays
in the bandshell

Glass of wine –
the weight of her words
at dusk

hot blacktop - -
the pink cyclamen
sprout anew

between two stars
as wide as a finger

Low tide
ever so slide breeze
from the moon

flickering in the eyes
of the young mare

At dusk___
an arrow of brants 
in our silence

Penalty kick
she pushes the button
ice crusher


gents' dinner —
father ties the

walking alone …
above the ship mill
the Milky Way

Midnight soiree
touching the sound
of lilac


change of life - -
she turns her face
the summer rain
(3Lights Journal)

Potter's clay--
after the glaze firing
reseda green


icy coldness
the old sound bowl
with light

cold front —
the color 
of wilted daffodils

Grand Sonata
the viola da braccio
early too late
(3Lights Journal)

spring rain
out of the plush moon drips
a lullaby

Newborn child ...
the old pine in the garden
moves a little


scurry of snow - -
granny reads out fairy tales
with her witch voice

Candles glow--
grandfather opens
the humidor



Bright spring light:
the paintbrush fills
with drawing ink
(Asahi - 2006)

the wall
(Mainichi - 2004)

Quiet pond
grass blades tickle
the clouds
(Asahi - 2004)



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